Patient Experience of Care Survey

Patient Experience of Care Survey

If you receive a survey, please take the time to fill it out.  Your feedback is important to ensure you receive high quality care.

Participation is voluntary and will not affect the health care you get or your insurance coverage

What is the purpose:  Our health care team is committed to treating you in a respectful and responsive way while providing the highest quality and best care we can.  We participate in the Patient Experience of Care Survey to receive feedback on how we are doing and where we can improve.  The feedback we receive is anonymous and confidential.

How did they get my name?  Our office provides the names of all our current patients to an independent survey vendor.  The vendor selects a random sample of patients, so you may or may not receive a survey this year.  If you are selected, we ask you to help us by completing and returning the survey.

Who will contact me?  This is all done by an independent survey vendor.  Patients receive an envelope mailed to their home address from the U.S. Department of health and Human Services.  If the vendor does not receive the mail survey after about 8 weeks, then they will call to conduct the survey by phone.  The name of the phone survey vendor is Precision Opinion.

When will this happen?  Surveys will be mailed in January.  If you receive a survey and you haven’t sent it back by mid-March, the vendor will call you on the telephone.

Is this survey for all patients?  Yes, it is for all our adult patients.  It does not matter who your insurer is, if you are uninsured, or how frequently you see us.  Remember the survey vendor takes a random sample of patients from our practice so you may or may not get a survey this year.

How many people are surveyed?  The larger the practice, the more patients are surveyed to get representative results.  From our practice, the vendor will survey about 200 people.

What kinds of questions are asked?  The questions in the survey ask about your health care experiences.  For example, how hard or easy it is to get appointments, and if your health care team listens to you and explains things in a way that is easy to understand.

How long does the survey take?  10-15 minutes

Is my information confidential?  Yes, all the information we collect through the survey is confidential.  The survey vendor has your name, address and phone number so they know how to contact you.  They destroy all your identifying information after the survey period ends.  Our office will only see results in summary form, without names, so we will not know who responded or how anyone answered.

Need Assistance?  A family member or caregiver can assist if help is needed.  For example, a family member or caregiver can mark answers or translate the survey in the patient’s language.

Spanish Surveys?  If a Spanish survey is needed, call the toll-free number on the survey and the vendor will mail one or connect you with a Spanish-speaking telephone interviewer.

Questions?  Concerns?  Please contact PatientSurvey@precisionopinion.com or call 1-833-610-7870 (toll free).  You may also visit http://innovation.cms.gove and type CPC+ in the search field.