Patient Family Advisory Council Meeting

Patient Family Advisory Council Meeting

January 31, 2018

11:30 am to 1:00 pm

Lunch by ZOUP



____ and ____ had distributed shared decision aids (SDA) to the council prior to this meeting so they would have time to review them and offer feedback.

The council offered very helpful input that we will be able to use to tweak our current SDAs.  Below is some of the input provided:

Colorectal screening: This SDA is a bit choppy and difficult to read because of the layout with the columns. The resources are in too small of a font to read.

Mammograms: the council wonders about listing the differences between a 3D screen and a regular scan. Dr. ____ shared that the medical association is no longer encouraging self- breast exams.

Depression:  Should we have something regarding when the depression started, was there an incident that occurred?

Low back pain: Should this be titled differently? Example: Low back pain – Choose Wisely. There were a few typo errors, which ____ will correct. The reference on this SDA is from 2007. Could we find a more recent reference?  Could we reference or research the sports medicine angle on this?

PSA – This needs a title and doesn’t flow that well when reading.

Statin Use: Some redundancy in this SDA. Should we list what a statin is at the top of the SDA? There were some typo errors in this handout that ____ will correct.


____ asked the council how we can address the negative press that the use of statins has been getting. Should we alter the SDA? Should the provider address that at a visit? Should we have a question and answer sheet? Dr. ____ was able to explain his process with patients, how he uses a risk assessment tool and shares this with the patient during their discussion.  The council felt that we could put information on our website, with provider statements regarding their feelings about statin use. We could also send portal messages to patients.  It was suggested that we get testimonials (anonymously) from patients who use statins and their experience and put that in the newsletter or on the website.


One of the new measures for 2018 is Cognitive re-assessments on patients with dementia. We asked the council when they felt a good time to reassess this would be? At an annual visit? At an acute visit?  The general input was annually. They agree that to have caregivers come to the visits, if possible, would be beneficial.    ____ explained about the Mini Mental test which is done at Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) for Medicare patients and explained about the MOCA (Montreal Cognitive Assessment) which is a more in depth assessment to be used when we have a concern about a patient’s memory.  We asked if the council felt we should screen everyone over a certain age or just patients exhibiting symptoms.  They felt we should screen everyone, be pro-active, and try to close those gaps in care.  Some thought we should start at age 50, some 60 and some 65.  We will actually discuss this at more length at our May meeting.


The deadline for the Spring Newsletter is Mid- March.  ____ urged everyone to forward ideas to her.  All ideas, recipes, thoughts are welcomed!!  Some suggestions for the Spring newsletter are:

Flu season

Ultraviolet lights in schools


Skin checks

Sunscreen use



We did all look at the Winter newsletter.  As always it looks wonderful!  Thank you to ____ and ____ for doing such an amazing job with this!!



Our next meeting will be: May 9, 2018

Cognitive re-assessments on patients with dementia