Telehealth Visit Information

Telehealth Visit Information

Foresight Family Physicians want to take this opportunity to let you know you are a valued patient and thank you for your continued patronage and patience during this time in our country.  Prior to this week, providing health care through telehealth options were nearly forbidden by most insurance companies.  Given the current crisis with COVID19 (Corona Virus), numerous restrictions have been lifted and we are now able to conduct visits using a smart phone through the HEALOW app.  Depending on your clinical issue, you may likely be offered a tele health visit over the next several weeks.  Please know that these are billable visits to your insurance which may be applicable to your deductibles and copays.  We are choosing these types of visits for many patients to limit the exposure and spread of COVID 19.  If you don’t have the technical capabilities to conduct a telehealth visit, we will provide you with other ways to have a visit with your provider.  The prices of these visits vary and depend upon your specific insurance so we are unable to give you exact prices of these visits.  Most of these visits can be billed similarly to regular visits so most will not notice anything different.  Please be aware that we will be charging you for this service depending on the medical complexity of the issue at hand, but we will discuss this at the time an appointment is made or before a visit starts.  You have the option to decline the visit.

Again, thank you for choosing Foresight Family Physicians to partner with you in your health and healthcare.  As always, we are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

We will all get through this difficult time together,

Foresight Family Physicians and staff